I’m a freelance writer and photographer based in Mahwah, New Jersey. I made New Jersey my home more than thirty years ago, after having led a gypsy lifestyle.

Travel and adventure have been an intrinsic part of my life. It started with my earliest memories at age three, scared while sailing with my parents and sister towards Venezuela, where I was raised.

Arriving in Venezuela, my family and I stayed at a Venezuelan Indian stilt hut on the Orinoco River. I remember not only the Indian women dressed in flowing red and blue robes with colorful beads around their necks, but also the rather foul smell of their drinking water holes. Some experiences are so extraordinary; their memories stay with you forever.

I have visited 54 countries and spent years living in six on four continents: Venezuela, Mexico, Switzerland, Germany, Japan, and the United States. Being fluent in English, Spanish, and German has helped me become acquainted with and learning about new cultures and their people, their food, wine, and other beverages.

Traveling to Europe at least once a year, our base is my husband’s home town of Basel, Switzerland, from where we explore exciting destinations throughout the continent. Other recent adventures have taken me to Cuba, Namibia, and St. Petersburg in Russia.

A member of the International Travel Writers and Photographer’s Association, I’m also present on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Writing this, I feel the travel bug nudging me again. Time to pack my bags!